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Lady Feign is a member of the Vampirium, the so-called "true vampires." She, along with Dominus and his peers, severed themselves from matters concerning the Vampire Nation over a millennium ago. This action was done out of disgust for a practice many of their kind had adopted regarding the dilution of their genetic pool with other Night Tribes and, in rare cases, human beings. Lady Feign immediately pressed for the genocide of these "lesser breeds" before their numbers grew to uncontrollable proportions. This plan was overridden by Dominus in a Council vote favoring the eventual diminishing of the Vampire Nation over the natural course of time.

Lady Feign is fearsome and ambitious and always has an eye on her own agenda.
   As well as possessing all of the supernatural abilities of her fellow vampires, Lady Feign possesses a golden Symbiote identical to the Wetworks team. It is assumed that the symbiote somehow gives her control of the rock creatures known as the Garond.

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