Need help with a quick question about Lady Death

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Ok, so maybe this is a weird question or topic, but I'm hoping a big Lady Death fan can help me with this, if there are any on here. Anyway I recently had a conversation with my cousin who used to be a fan of the older series and he started to name off all the love interests from the books, but he got stumped and couldn't really remember any she's had. Now I honestly don't know why this is bothering me or why I want to know lol. From what I've read here on vine and some other forums the only one people recall is the angel Micheal in "Love Bites." So forgive me cause I hardly know anything about the characters history at all, but has she ever had any other love interests beside him?


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Anybody? Lol, maybe the character is more obscure than I thought.

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It's been at least 10 years since I've read the original series and someone that has a bit better memory can correct me if I'm wrong, but Evil Ernie would technically be her first love interest. She seduced him into trying to commit global genocide in order for her return to earth. As that was the stipulation for being banished to hell. Her promise to Ernie was they could be together forever just the two of them. Some would say that It was all a ploy and that she doesn't really love him. I'll go through my books when I get a chance and see if I can find any others from the original series though.

Hope that helps..... (no pun intended)

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