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I was looking at the New Comics for this week and noticed that Lady Death has a new series out (7 months deep, I realize that I'm a little late to the party here.) While the images on these covers are very nice and well illustrated, I can't help but notice that her chest has been greatly reduced since her inception in the early 90's. I remember the Steven Hughes version of the character being of outrageous proportions. 
If it seems like I'm complaining, I am! I like a woman with a heavy chest and it seemed like Chaos Comics of the era was the only publisher wiling to provide the shock value and buck the system with this character.  Attributes like this with unique proportions are the staple of the character, practically a trademark of their original design. Lady Death without the overabundance is like drawing The Thing without his rock tiles or Batman running abound in pink, it's just not done. 
I think that I started noticing her more average build when the Moore Action Collectables were being produced, in the later part of the 90's. I remember thinking then that these figures were awesome but they didn't have the killer instinct of the Hughes drawings that made the character so popular in those early years of her incarnation.
As I'm typing this, I had another recollection of J. Scott Campbell, having been asked to do some character designs of her ( link here) and while I love his art, this was a total miss with these samples I thought.  

So here's the question. . . . With Brian Pulido still at the helm of the character (He and Steven Hughes are co-creators fo the character), I have to wonder what the impetus was to change the character in this way? I always figured that for the action figure route, they wanted to make a more socially acceptable female form to attract potential customers that may not know anything about the character,would like the figure but might be turned off by her outrageous proportions. Is this the line of thinking that has Boundless Comics publishing a a bikini model as opposed to a character with a buxom presence.  Perhaps it's something that they're ashamed of?
I'm not sure that anyone cares about this sort of thing. It's certainly not everyone's cup of tea but I can't help but feel that this character was created for shock value and attention grabbing aesthetic and for more than a decade she's been lesser of a presence. Would Steve Hughes have approved of this look? Maybe he's the one who started it?
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Um, sorry that her boobs are a normal shade of huge? 

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I'm glad someone here is feeling my pain! :P

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@Press Oblivion: Lol XD I'm sorry, I just don't understand the need to make her any MORE outlandish. Logically, she wouldn't even be able to sit up (or breathe) with those boulders attached to her. THose are like, ZZZ 36 right there. 
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@TypingKira: :D LOL :D
I  guess that it's not about making her more outlandish but addressing how the character began. Boundless wouldn't even have this character to publish today without the over sexualized absurdity  of her beginnings. Chaos Comics of the 90's was practically built on her chest. That's no joke. 
 Perhaps the 90's truly are dead. 
Anyway, thanks for the response, I was really surprised to get one to this topic at all really :D
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@Press Oblivion: Anytime!  
That's true, sad but true. Sexy sells, but luckily the 90s are over and now she can breathe easy (literally) knowing that now one more person knows who she is. Seriously,I had no idea who she was before you made this blog ^^'
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@TypingKira said:
@Press Oblivion: now she can breathe easy (literally)
To understand a little more about why I might be so passionate about a character like this, here are a couple of examples of one characters I like and a few that I have created. Not created because of Lady Death but because of the influences that created her during that era.
 Why I'm sharing this with you is beyond me, it's just that there is an affinity for the body type i guess.     
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I think the biggest reason for the change was because she was reduced greatly when she made her first resurrection with CrossGen in the Medieval Lady Death arc, but whatever she lost Death Queen got! I actually stopped ordering the Lady D ongoing because I just didn't like the story, I read her as mortal once I really didn't need to do it again. I was really hoping for the Queen of the Dead and Dying, not a being trapped in a mortal shell who is trying to recapture her lost realm.

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That's interesting, 
To be honest with you I can't remember the last time I read a Lady Death Comic.

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Very sexy character indeed.

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