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Over the surface of Telemach in the floating city of Ramrundra Lady Death is bound and put up for auction as a rare find. The bidding is strong but everyone is dismayed when Lord Macabre arrives, yet another fallen angel but this time he is at least in human form. He decides to take the slave for his own, much to the highest bidders chagrin who charges and is struck down by the angels. They drag Lady Death to the their airship and she looses an energy blast at them which starts to peel away the illusion of their human forms but they are stronger than her weakened powers. 
Vandala watches over Lady Death and anxious to see if she is indeed learning lessons from the odyssey she is putting her on. 
Back on Manicore Pandemonium is finally taking her place in the rituals important to her people when another fire-lit comet streaks though the sky it is Asteroth looking for Lady Death. He kills all he finds.  
A terrible tornado hits Ramrundra destroying the town and as it spins the faces and voices of people are seen and heard inside it. 

Macabre is in severe distress, Lady Death's angelic energy has stripped away some of his human disguise and he rages that he wont be able to finish his sculpting work with demon hands. He manages to carve Lady Death a new metal outfit before the spread moves too far and starts to infect his sister. They take Lady Death to see his work and there is a tower of crystallized bodies. The tornado approaches but he delays too long on his sculpture and the tornado takes their ship.
The arcane power that kept their disguise finally fails and also releases Lady Death who attacks them both. The Eye of the storm surrounds them and dozens of female figures stand before them. Malady gets caught up in the edge of the wind and is ripped from her brother. The women are the crystalline figures in Macabre's sculpture and they set about finishing off the angels. Lady Death muses that maybe she is being made into an executioner but she bows to no one. 
One of the women give her thanks and explains their bodies were trapped but their souls were not and formed the storm. She tells them she was self serving in her defeat of the angels, but all the same they are thankful.

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