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This issue is the first Lady Death issue to contain a centerfold poster. 
Lady Death is in the void between worlds, trapped there when Pagan shoved her through when a voice enters her mind. It tells her to choose her destiny. She tries to ignore it. In another realm Vandala wonders that this woman is supposed to be a savior that just wallows in her sad past. The Judgement Era is coming for the Fallen Angels and Lady Death has the central role to fulfill. In desperation Vandala enters the void and collects the unconscious Lady Death. 
Before recorded time in another realm the fallen angel Agony arrives in Manicore, a lush jungle world  thats is now frozen solid by Agony's despair. Lady Death is cast ito this frozen world and her coming is like a fiery comet that melts the jungle where she crashes to earth. Agony sends out her demons to slay anything that has broken the peace in her realm. 
Lady Death awakes confused and cold her power still not fully returned she is unable to summon Darkness and her clothes in tatters. She fights Agony's demons and gathers information from them somehow understanding their strange language. Being a creature of the Pit the ice melts around her as she walks the land. She wonders if Agony is the voice she heard in the void. She fashions a spear from wood and is forced to walk with her powers still so weak. A woman appears and beckons her to come underground before Agony comes for them. The woman believes Lady Death to be their savior, she quickly puts that notion to rest but follows her down into the ground. 
In hell the city of Androk is rocked by an earthquake and a volcano rises. the legends have it that there was a prophecy that a time would come when all in Hell would be judged. fearing that it might be true Lucifer gave some of his power to a Grand Duke of Hell, Asteroth, with orders to slay the one would come and slay him. 
Beneath the surface Lady Death is introduced to Pandemonium who thinks she is an angel, she can sense Hope's mothers angelic energy inside her, sent from heaven to remove Agony for them. She explains that when Agony arrived she was dying and took their worlds power source the Soulain and is now bound to it. 
Pandemonium guides Lady Death to the cathedral and they are attacked by Agony in the form of a dragon. She is an ancient being and is intrigued that Heaven considers her a  factor in the Judgement Era. Changing to her serpent form she coils around Lady Death and chills her. Lady Death has one last blast of power available and can't waste it if she is to win. She relaxes and slips through the the coils and as Agony comes in to bite her throat Lady Death grabs the Soulain and releases a massive blast directly into Agony. Life returns to Manticore and the people praise their savior, which Lady Death found much to her distaste.. manipulated into heroic acts. 
Vandala is disappointed that Lady Death was not more receptive to the lesson she was teaching her and teleports her to another realm. She arrives in Telemach, a desert world where galleon ships fly in the sky. Confused and weak she is snared and dragged aboard the ship as a prize slave.

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