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Brock emerges from the rubble and finds Nightmare on the ground as he reaches for the blade a massively taller genocide erupts from the tower basking in the glory of his plan coming together.   

From somewhere Tyr appears and falls deliberately onto the Chaos Talisman. The blast lances into space and towards the panicked Bedlam. The beam passes by, the course altered by Tyr's body. The beam lashes through the solar system and pierces a sun and suffocates it with black energy. 
Genocide strides away and as the dust clears Brock brings nightmare to Lady Death's apparently lifeless body. He asks who will wield the blade and her hand reaches down and declares that she will. With the sun destroyed its only a matter of time before this place is in ruins. She is re-energiezed and heads off after her nemesis. As she goes she doesn't even notice that the arms of the imp that decorates the hilt and forms the guard clamp inwards and the little face sucks the blood from her hand making the bond between them complete.  The sword utters its first words: "HA HA HA! DEATH BECOMES HER!". 
Lady Death caches up to Genocide who is now so tall she is barely half the height of his head. She taunts him, blasting his legs with angelic energy. He replies with a massive fireball that does nothing to her. 
In the heavens the suns explosion creates a disc of fire thats sweeps across worlds headed for Wrathworld. Genocide stomps on her puny form but her power is such that she shatters his legs and as he crumbles and falls the pieces become yet more magistrates. Vandala begs to let her take them all back to Asgard as the death-flash will finish the job here. Vandala sets about transporting the Valkyrie back to safety while Vulnavia follows Lady Death into the gaping maw of a mouth thats opened in the planets surface.  Inside she uses Nightmare to  smash out his right eye from the inside and as they exit the wounded beast grabs her, determined to take her down with him. 
The Death-flash nears the nexus and bedlam prepares for the worst... when a voice tells him it is not their time and the Nexus vanishes from this realm unharmed. 
Lady Death is reveling in the heat and it reminds her of the of Hell. Vulnavia is increasingly concerned for the sanity of her half-sister but she and Vandala convince her to leave with them now. She agrees but cant resist shattering the remains of Genocide with her sword and energy. 
Months later and Lady Death is seen rarely in the town, Grim thinks it might be to do with that sword Brock made. Vandala checks on her and indeed she is a vision of power with sword in hand and flames all around her. She has decided Hell has been lacking its ruler for too long. 
The fiery beam continues into deeper space until it strikes an object called The Forever Wall. It cracks and a being called Armageddon peers out of its cell, released once more for it is as old as time.

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