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In the north the Doom Magistrates are winning the war against the frost giants in a strategically important battle. Lady Death, riding a Fenris war wolf, wonders why Genocide has taken so long to start this battle as it would have been easy enough to do any time. She notes the Magistrates are fierce shape-changers that bleed vicious parasites when killed and they have a fortress from which to launch attacks.

She scales the fortress and destroys the door giving the Asgardians their first major advantage of the war. Brock and Grim watch and comment joviality on her chances of continued success.

On Wraithworld Genocide is raising towers he names Hammers and still Antigone bemoans his new found passion for creation. Genocide tells her it is sacrifice that is necessary in order to bring about the chaos of destruction. He calls for Vex and banishes her to the underhives for eternity. Antigone again confronts him saying that following orders is not chaos and again he punishes the girl for being chaotic.

A Valkyrie guard joins Lady Death at the head of the battle and as they gather their Asgardian powers multiply from proximity. They charge on until they find Sinsetra. She bares the scared eye that Lady Death gave her on their first encounter. She was punished for her failure and even though she has regained some status through toil she was ordered never to repair her face. The two are given space to dual and Grim has to be held back to stop him coming to Lady Death's aid. Brock on the other hand is looting for all he is worth. Lady Death is temporarily blinded and struck into a pillar of fire but emerges determined and repeatedly strikes Sinestra's face using her anger at her sisters wounds to overcome her enemy. She lets Sinsetra live so she can again report her failure to Genocide as they torch the fortress and leave.

In her cave Vulnavia hears the celebrations in Asgard and wonders if it is time to return, she has been here since her failure to save Odin.

Following the heat of battle Lady Death celebrates and drink before taking Grim to a bedroom.

On Wraithworld Genocide orders Sinestra be used as fodder int he war-pits and that her mother Scorpia will not be pleased. Scorpia arrives at his chambers and declares she will take the necro-elite guard and conquer Asgard herself.

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