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On the way to Asgard Vandala and Lady Death make a stop off as there are things that need to be done before they can enter.

In Asgard Odin and his men are in a ship on a frozen sea when another ship approaches with a crew of angelic characters and small childlike beings who crave trinkets.. They meet and in th spirit of friendship the strangers give a gift to Odin. The gift a small golden ball explodes and cripples his hand as the angelic creatures reveal their true demon forms. They call forward the Doom Magistrates and the childlike creatures erupt into insect like warriors many times the size of the shapes they inhabited.

Odin falls leaving only his arm after he is melted by an acid-like fluid. From his corpse rises Genocide the chaos master. He takes the arm as a symbol of power but it is not the power he was looking for. Odin somehow commands the Valkyrie Vulnavia (Vandala's one eyed sister) to retreat and warn the others despite her protestations she complies. One Valkyries final act on the battle field is to cast a glowing sword over the cliff like edge of the ocean. Genocide has returned many times but always leaves without what he is looking for.

Genocides troops find them and Vandala transports them away once more. They arrive at Asgard. Vandala explains that Genocide is the embodiment of chaos and while suppressed for eons he has returned to smash the universe back into chaos once more. In Asgard the men are leery of Lady Death as a savior and after much taunting she takes a sword and channels lightening, killing several around her and then rips the tongue from a mans head, just as she promised him she would. the example is brutal but effective.

In a doorway the drunken Brock and Grimnir watch and are amused by all the goings on.

Elsewhere Genocide and his bride Antigone watch, he is pleased that Lady Death has arrived and now is his time to move. Antigone is concerned with how plotting her husband has become and that is not the way of chaos. Vex their first born is called and sent on an unspecified mission.

Vandala takes Lady Death to meet Queen Frigga and of course refuses to bow or be deferential in this womans own palace but is taken aback when Frigga refers to how much she looks like her mother Marion. and suspects that she is a magic user to put her so easily at her ease. Lady Death clashes with Tyr, last of the royal family of Asgard and their God of War, but he only verbally criticizes her lack of grace in the palace of his people.

Frigga tells a tale of Marion and Agnar Svelgate, Viking people who fought the Christian invaders. Agnar is slain by the Christian invader Matthias and Marion and her two daughters get lost in a blizzard. She prays to Odin to save her two girls. A traveler finds her in a cave and promises to keep her children safe. The traveler cannot take Marion with him but gives her a blessing of powers to be passed on to her future child. She is introduced to Vandala, her half sister, and told that Odin must have seen that she was the herald of the Judgement Era and spared her mother for just that reason.

Vex easily infiltrates Asgard and locates Vandala and is poised over her with knife in hand but cannot deliver a killing blow with a fit of conscience. Sinestra appears and tells her that she will just finish the job. the next morning Vandala is found alive but weak with a throat wound. Lady Death recognizes the wound and summons Darkness and strides out of Asgard and to war.

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