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Purgatori and Lady Demon battle for Lucifer's amusement. Demon wants to know what Purgatori did with her mother so she can release her but she refuses saying she'd rather die first. Lady Demon stripes her of her powers and cast through the Nexus once more sending her somewhere where there will be no divine blood to feed on, the thing she desires the most. Purgatori emerges somewhere else and is devastated to see where she has been banished to. 
As Demon prepares herself to be Lucifer's concubine she hears call of her nameless wolves. Outside she finds Cremator who connects her with her mothers spirit. She is disappointed that her girl is a willing consort of the Devil and offers up her angelic energy to help her battle the demon inside her and ultimately Lucifer too. She accepts but the conflict of energy brings immense pain but Lady death is reborn. 
Laster Lady demon enters Lucifer's chamber and he notices a difference but allows her to approach. She straddles him and reverting to Lady Death's form hammers angelic energy with her fist directly into his heart. He is stunned but no defeated. He surrounds her with energy that binds her. Te angelic energy takes full hold and she transforms into an angelic warrior in full battle armor. She has no hope of winning so instead defies him and raises the Endless Graveyard, one more destroying Dis, they battle until Lucifer blast away her amour and he bellows in her face. She sends a mental call to Vassago who comes to her aid and she rides him to the Nexus, intending to escape via it, but Lucifer catches her at the gates mouth, they struggle and she has an idea. 
Lady Death summons Heaven's gate and with one less push forces Lucifer though. Unworthy of entry there is a cataclysm explosion and Lady Death's body si smashed into the ground. She stands as the new ruler of hell and reclaims her sword Darkness as the Judgement Era begins in hell.

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