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Purgatori reveals under the influence of the River Styx that she slaughtered thousands to gain the notice of Lucifer and once she drank his blood her lust could not be slaked by ordinary blood. Once she tried Lucifer banisher her rather than destroying her becuase of her fallen angel blood in her veins. 
At the Necropolis Purgatori feasted on the blood of Roman gods and was pleased that Lucifer banished her to a place in which she could thrive. She obtained a familiar in the form of a Chimera. She entered the nexus and discovered Hope's mother at heavens gate. She ordered her chimera to drag her back to the Necropolis for Purgatori and for 400 years she daily interrogated her to learn more of Lady Death. 
One day fallen angels raided her realm and forced her hand. She opened the nexus with Hope's mother as an anchor and headed for hell in hope of drinking her blood and taking Lucifer's power. Lady Death is enraged and is about to destroy Purgatori when the ground shatters and Lucifer returns. He has demons restrain Purgatori to be dealt with later and paralyzes Lady Death. He reduces the Endless Graveyard to rubble and forces her to her knees to kiss his feet. 
Lucifer enlightens Lady Death as to how she fits into his plan. He explains he was the highest angel in heaven but was cast out when he over reached his position. He and his followers went through the nexus and chose their different paths. Some coupled with humans but the offspring were monsters. As for Hope, her mother was a pure line and husband of the Fallen line the perfect target for his powers of seduction. When she told him that she desired power he used it to fool her into thinking she was draining his essence. He watched as she destroyed life on earth and caused suffering in his stead. 
The Endless Graveyard rises up to bind her: Niccolo, Father Orbec, Agnes, Matthias and Hope's mother all appear and take her to Lucifer's palace and inter her in a coffin. She contemplates the lie her life has been in Hell as Lucifer watches, hoping she will break down from the depressing realization.  Sometime later  she emergess, changed her hair wild, her clothes black tatters, chaos shield earrings, her skin  as red as Purgatori's and large horns rise from her forehead.. Lady Demon is born.

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