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Lady Death swings Nightmare and cuts Lady Demons arm and the two separate violently. Thanatos directs Soul Merchant to go after Lady Demons soul first. He clams his hands to her head to extract but finds nothing to take. Lady Demon pleads and argues with Lady Death to take her back but she clubs her with the hilt of Nightmare instead, resulting in them both being concussed. Cremator charges in but is held by the Merchant. Nightmare having tasted blood wants more and lifts the unconscious Lady Death hoping to feed on Thanatos anyway. Lady Death recovers and uses the sword herself to behead him while she encourages Cremator to rally and destroy Merchant.

Elsewhere Seance is examining the land and wonders if Lucifer's departure is the reason for Hells undoing and that the irony of the one would cannot create being responsible for all of hells very creation. He has calculated that all of hell will never have existed in lass than 30 days from now.

In Asmodeus' chambers he discusses lightly this talk of a Lady -something- who is causing a stir with a collection of nobles and lords of hell when a messenger arrives with Thanatos' head. It delivers the message that they are next.

In her mansion Lady Death has Cremator take Nightmare by the blade and place it in a chest. She tries to spend at least the night without it at her side but she grows weak and shakes until its voice in her her brings her to it again. Cremator tries to stop her but she treatens him and takes it up again stating that once hell is hers again then she will give it up.

Leviatha finds Lady Demon in sorrow at her lack of a soul and rejection from her other half. Leviatha emboldens her spirit making her an avenger rather than a victim.

Lady Death marches on Admodeus' palace and is met by his army and the lords themselves before it. She goads them into attack and she is beating them easily until Leviatha's touch shocks Lady Demon and therefore Lady Death too. Cremator saves his mistress from a fatal blow. Once more Nightmare takes over and lifts his owner and fights while she is unable.

Leviatha is ecstatic about what she has learned, she now knows how to kill Lady Death.







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