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As Hope begins to burn at the stake she recalls the incantation her father made to open the gate to hell. the demons appear and ask her if she wishes to enter their domain. They lust after her youth and innocence. She renounces her humanity as they request and she is cast into the pit. 
She is set upon by demons who put her in stocks that Niccolo brings to her. He tells her that Matthias came to hell and stole the power of the souls he gave the demons for himself and is building the army to battle Lucifer himself now. Hope sees that he has re-created their castle home over the lake of fire. 
Her father wishes her dead to add to his power and she sees a twisted vision of her mother. Matthias cast her from a cliff and she falls but does not die. She wakes in a pit and Lucifer himself comes and makes her an offer that she accepts. He gives her power enough to defeat her own father.  
She is attacked by nameless wolves and she overpowers them violently. They respect her power and they follow her as if she was leader of their pack. She leaves the pit and finds the area devastated and nothing moving when Cremator leaps out and ask her why she remains. She tells him that she is Mathias' daughter and she will destroy him, releasing bolts of pure energy as she does so. Matthias' destroyed Cremator's village and Hope demands he forge her a sword with which to do battle. 
On the battlefield Lucifer and Matthias clash with words and sword and Lucifer reminds Matthias he is the Prince of Lies. 
Hope's hair has been turning whiter, longer and fuller the longer she has been in hell with Lucifer's power inside her. Cremator brings a chest to Hope and tells her the contents were meant for Purgatori, Lucifer's lover but she has not been seen in eons, and Hope wears the clothes she finds within. 
Matthias impales Lucifer in his sword and their faces connect with arcane energy flowing out of one into the other.Mathias stands on the battlefield now  massive, red winged and horns like a cross between himself and Lucifer. A demon informs him that Hope survived and he makes his first task as ruler of hell to kill his daughter.
Hope receives her new sword and finishes dressing stating. "All hope is gone. All that is left is Death" her transformation is complete. Her hair totally white,her body lean and her chest no longer flat. 

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