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The story opens with Lady Death, the Queen of all that is dead and dying, in her castle on the plane of the Endless Graveyard and she contemplates how she came to be there.

Reflecting on her past, we learn that she once was Hope, a young girl in Medieval Europe during the time of the black plague. This is where Hope's story begins, picking up as she morns her mother's passing some ten years earlier. Her father, Matthias, is a brutal warlord and leads the town's young men into battle until there are few left. His subjects grow increasingly uneasy with his bloodthirsty ways. Hope stumbles on her father, newly returned from battle once more, consorting with Demons. He feeds them the souls of his townspeople in exchange for a high rank in hell as one who funded the army that will defeat Lucifer.

He orders Hope to bed when he sees he is discovered and she wakes the next day thinking it to be a dream, yet she recalls the incantation he used to summon the beasts from the pit.

Hopes loves her friend Niccolo, a young man who wishes to go to university. He tells Hope that he has learned the Christian method of bleeding does nothing to cure the plague but that Arab texts suggest lancing the boils to cure the sickness. However, his father refuses to allow his son to use this knowledge. When the next battle is arranged, Niccolo is taken with Matthias to war. Again Matthias has his men slaughtered for their souls.

The plague reaches Hope's town and the rats carrying it infect the villagers. One is Agnes, a woman known to Hope, and rather than listening to the priests, Hope turns them away and lances the boils as Niccolo had instructed. By morning Agnes is well and the priests are angry that Hope rejected their Christian ways. They branding her as a witch for her seemingly magical healing. Meanwhile, unrest has been growing amongst Mattias's subjects. The townspeople tire of his insane rule and upon learning that Hope is a heretic, things deteriorate quickly. Agnes is killed, being viewed as an unholy product of Hope's witchcraft and the townsfolk raid the castle. Finding Matthias with demons is the last straw and they slay him too. He thanks them as he dies and disappears into hell.

Hope is found during the raid and tied to a stake. A fire is lit at her feet and she is sentenced to death by burning.

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