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On her way back to hell lady death revisits the void. She finds peace there. No life, no death. She senses a presence and finds that it is Death himself. Nightmare cannot help itself and tells her who it is. 
She attacks it and it disappears. It does not fear her it is merely interested and thinks her narrow if she thinks he is evil. She riles against him countering that if he hadn't taken her mother her life would have been just the same. Death takes her up on this point and shows her a vision of her life where her mother does not die. 
Finding out that Matthias killed her husband, and intends killing her for not siring him a son, Marion retrieves a sword she has stashed in the stables mindful fo her viking warrior upbringing. That night she stabs Matthias who starts to spell cast, she raises her angelic powers against his attack as Hope rushes in, knocking a burning light onto her father setting him alight. Marion uses the distraction to finish him off. Her mother becomes a good ruler and fierce leader who keeps the village safe. When Black plague arrives Niccolo returns from university and again suggests the non-Christian method of cure which works but for cases that are too far gone. The superstitious townsfolk become increasingly worried their leader's support of non-Christian methods.  Soon after Knights Templar arrive, having followed Niccolo back to the village, they attack the plague weakened town. Vandala and Vulnavia have been tracking the knights and attack from the rear. Marion recognizes her daughters and they join her family as lords of the village. Hope marries Niccolo and raise a happy family. 
Lady Death is tortured by the vision and curses that she had to die. Death reveals she never died at all. She renounced her humanity and went directly to hell. She unleashes her fury on him to no avail and Death simply tells her it will be seeing her. 


Cremator is trying to remain anonymous in Hell but seems to only run into trouble. Following a bar fight he is being watched by an attractive demoness. When he looks closer it looks like Lady Demon. Shocked he looses sight of her and wonders if it really could have been her.

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