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Lady Bluuz is the queen of Havania, and granddaughter of Prince Yiqi. Faithful wife to Lord Recco and mother to Bleez. She was constantly pressuring her daughter Bleez to take a suitor. This overbearing actions lead to her death by Sinestro Corps Soldier of Sector 465.

Major Story Arcs

Fly Away

Lady Bluuz calls her daughter Bleez home to meet the newest suitor. A man she says has great power has come calling on Bleez, but when Bleez gives him the cold shoulder, the Sinestro Soldier burns lady Bluuz his his ring, killing her in a painful manner.

Blood and Rage

Bleez visits Lady Bluuz's crypt

Bleez, now a member of the Red Lantern Corps, comes back to Havania with Atrocitus, looking for revenge, but first she demands to go to her mother crypt. There Bleez spits on her mother's corpse, blaming her for all the terrible things that have happened to Bleez.

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