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In the early 1800’s Don Ruiz, the scion of a wealth Philippine returns from getting his education in Spain. On returning however he finds that the plight his fellow Pinoy natives under Spanish rule is harsh, and cruel.

So, while playing the part of the ineffectual fop, he dons a mask and does what he can to correct this, freeing unjustly imprisoned Pinoy, stopping public beatings while robbing from the rich to help the poor, called by the Filipinos Ang Anino or The Shadow, the Spanish call him La Sombra.

Sounds familiar yes, but…

Clearly a play on both Zorro and Robin Hood, the saga of La Sombra however is distinguished by it’s setting being in the Philippines, and that in the end the authorities capture La Sombra and execute him. 

This story was turned into a film in 1965.

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