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La Bruja (The Witch) is a sorceress of presumed Mexican origin. She slept with Satan to seal a deal with him. As a result she could stay immortal, as long as she managed to absorb the life force, memories, emotions, and dreams of men. Something which she accomplished with a single kiss. She and her daughter resided on a hill house, somewhere in the Sierra Madre mountain range.

The locals offered her a weekly human sacrifice (determined by lottery), in exchange for her protection and assistance with their daily lives. When Jackie Estacado stopped in the town to get gas for his motorcycle, the locals attacked him. Planning to use the stranger as their sacrifice for the week. But La Bruja's daughter decided to recruit him for her own purposes. If her mother died, the girl would inherit all her powers. So she hired Jackie to assassinate her mother.

Jackie prooved completely outclassed in the resulting strength. Her superhuman smell enabled her to detect her daughter's scent on him, easily deducing his purpose. She shape-shifted her legs to an octopps-like form and then jumped him. La Bruja demonstrated vast superhuman strength, superior to his own. Continuing with demonstrating her telekinesis, first to seal his mouth and then to levitate him above the ground. She finally claimed his kiss and his soul.

The powers and memories of Jackie proved poisonous to La Bruja, killing her instantly. Before returning to Jackie.

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