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Shortly after The Gaang arrived on the Kyoshi Island, they were captured by the Kyoshi Warriors. After they found out that Aang was the Avatar, they treated him like royalty. Sokka asks the Warriors to teach him, which they do, and a spark lights between Suki and Sokka. When Prince Zuko and his warriors attacked the island, the Warriors defend the Island, and with the help of the Gaang, defeat them.

The Kyoshi Warriors decided they wanted to help the Earth Kingdom and left to help it's refugees. For more information on Suki's short journey with the Gaang, see her page.

While looking through a forest, the Kyoshi Warriors found Appa, and helped Appa who had been through quite a bit after being kidnapped by Sandbenders and being abused in a Fire Nation circus. The Warriors fed him and cleaned him, and also took off his shackels. After they helped Appa they were attacked by Ozai's Angels (Princess Azula, Mai, and Ty lee). Suki tells Appa to escape, which he does. The Kyoshi Warriors were beaten, and soon imprisoned.

Azula mentioned that her favourite prisoner kept talking about Sokka, saying he'd come to rescue her. She was talking about Suki, so we can assume that the Kyoshi Warriors are still alive. This was mentioned during the invasion in "The Day of Black Sun".

Clothing and weapons

The Kyoshi Warriors wear simular clothing to Avatar Kyoshi.

They have protective green armored kimonos and they're faces are painted geisha-style, resembling that of Avatar Kyoshi. Also, some of the members where chopsticks in their hear.

There main weapons are their fans and katana's but their defensive weapons recently shown to be a wrist-shields. They also where The Kyoshi Warriors use there fans as an extension to there arm or as a blade. They also where metal headbands.

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