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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 59: "The Summer Festival Mystery" (夏祭りの怪 "Natsumatsuri no Kai")
  • Chapter 60: "The Teddy Bear Memory" (クマちゃんの思い出 "Kuma-chan no Omoide")
  • Chapter 61: "Welcome To Nirvana House!" (涅槃家へようこそ! "Nehan-ke e Yōkoso!")
  • Chapter 62: "The Spirit Way Stone" (霊道石 "Reidōseki")
  • Chapter 63: "The Voices from the Shrine" (祠の声 "Hokora no Koe")
  • Chapter 64: "Bakeneko" (化け猫)
  • Chapter 65: "The House Where Ghosts Don't Tread" (霊の来ない家 "Rei no Konai Ie")
  • Chapter 66: "Expired" (期限切れ "Kigengire")
  • Chapter 67: "The Horticulture Club Incident" (園芸部の異変 "Engeibu no Ihen")
  • Chapter 68: "How The Curse Was Cast" (呪いの方法 "Noroi no Hōhō")







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