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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 39: "The Hot Secretary's True Identity" (美人秘書の正体 "Bijin Hisho no Shōtai")
  • Chapter 40: "Rich Girl" (お嬢様 "Ojō-sama")
  • Chapter 41: "Just a Simple Thanks" (あくまでお礼 "Akumade Orei")
  • Chapter 42: "Soul Eater King" (魂食王 "Konshoku Ō")
  • Chapter 43: "The Unopenable Bookshelves" (開かずの本棚 "Akazuno Hondana")
  • Chapter 44: "Roses and Soy Sauce" (薔薇と醤油 "Shōbi to Shōyu")
  • Chapter 45: "The Cursed Track Star" (呪われたエース "Norowareta Ēsu")
  • Chapter 46: "I Don't Want Him to Know" (知らせたくない "Shirasetakunai")
  • Chapter 47: "The Haunted Cedar" (おばけ杉 "Obake Sugi")
  • Chapter 48: "Yo-Yo Memories" (ヨーヨーの思い出 "Yōyō no Omoide")







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