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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: "The Mysterious Classmate" (謎のクラスメート "Nazo no Kurasumēto")
  • Chapter 2: "The Legend of the Weather Hutch" (百葉箱の伝説 "Hyakuyōbaku no Densetsu")
  • Chapter 3: "Four O'clock Behind the Gym" (体育館裏4時 "Taiikukan Ura Yo-ji")
  • Chapter 4: "Have We Met?" (どこかで会った女 "Doko ka de Atta Onna")
  • Chapter 5:"Y·O·U·N·G Woman" (お・ね・え・さ・ん "O Ne E Sa N")
  • Chapter 6: "Mystery in the Club Building" (クラブ棟の怪 "Kurabutō no Kai")
  • Chapter 7: "Black Cat by Contract" (契約黒猫 "Keiyaku Kuroneko"
  • Chapter 8: "Afraid to Fall Asleep" (眠るのがこわい "Nemuru no ga Kowai")







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