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Kylie Woods thought she was going insane when she began to hear a voice in her head. Dismissing it as some form of mental illness (as her late mother had mental illnesses), Kylie tried to live a normal life with her uncle Roger and aunt Meredith. This became harder and harder to do as the voice became louder and more insistent, begging her to release it. When she was attacked by a mugger she released the voice which assumed the form of an 8 foot tall cat creature calling himself Ridley who killed her attacker. 
Ridley introduced himself as her familiar, and that she was a witch. At first she assumed her insanity was worsening but then she used Ridley to kill a group of gangbangers and realized Ridley was real. She later met a boy named Aaron who had a wolf familiar and told her that witches were almost hunted to exinction. She and Aaron bonded and this caused a rift between her and her uncle. She learned that Roger was a Hunter (a witch killer) and that he had killed her biological mother Cassandra to prevent a witch/human war. Cassandra was allegedly forming a witch army to wipe out humanity. Roger raised Kylie as his own in hopes she was not magical. But when Hunters came for Kylie he rebelled and helped Kylie save Aaron from a Hunter who could steal a witch's familiar. Roger dies in the fight after it was revealed he was Cassandra's lover and Kylie's father. 
Kylie and Aaron escape together, but the Hunter leaders are holding Cassandra in a filthy jail cell, very much alive.  
Kylie is a witch capable of manifesting a spirit animal called a familiar. Her familiar is a large cat and can attack both physical and mystical enemies. While normally invisible to non-witches, he can cast glamours that make him visible or appear to be someone else. He can fuse with Kylie and grant her cat-like agility and telekinetic abilities

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