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Birth and Life with The Tragers

 An unconventional birth
Kyle originally started as experiment 781227, created with DNA from Adam Baylin and Latnok member, Grace Kingsley.  Adam created  Kyle for the betterment of humanity,  Adam went through great pains to build a artificial womb to ensure that no mother was needed for the experiment, as his own mother had not survived his own 13 month gestation period, so he along with his college professor, Professor Kern founded Zzyzx, which itself was founded by the group called Latnok. Baylin eventually was kicked out of Zzyzx as, he saw Kyle as a person and not an experiment,  Following 7781227's refusal to answer scenarios about war, proving himself not to be a weapon, shortly after that Kern decided he was a failed experiment, and ordered his termination.
 Fortunately Tom Foss, had been working for Adam Baylin on the man inside of Zzyzx following his outing, he attempted to get Kyle to safety following his being released from his artificial womb, Kern discovering this follows and attempts to kill 7281227, but Foss protects him, killing Kern in the process in front of 781227. Who awoke the next day in the woods, naked and alone until he wondered into the city, where he was promptly  arrested by the police , and taken to a juvenile detention center, where they referred to him as john doe, as he could not even talk at this point. Kyle shortly after had an altercation with a young man at the juvenile detention center, thinking Kyle was disrespecting him by staring, he then caught Kyle by surprise, who then having never used the bathroom promptly urinated on himself. Following this, the center contacted therapist Nicole Trager, who is fascinated by the boy, for his mental state and lack of a belly button, while the director of the center bestows him with the name of Kyle. Nicole shortly after takes Kyle home with her to protect him from the Juvenile Center, where he promptly begins talking in one day, much to the surprise of the Trager family, with Josh and Lori having difficulty having a mental patient living in there home, but he eventually proves himself to the family with each desiring for him to stay.
Throughout the next year Kyle continues to learn more about life, becoming the schools star basketball team, but leading the entire team to declare a forfeit when his teammate Declan McDonough, leading to the pair to become extremely close. With Declan becoming his closest confident in the mystery of his life. Declan even goes with Kyle to  a nearby university where they see the first picture of the man known as Adam Baylin, who was identical to Kyle, and had completely vanished 15 years ago,without a trace. But the university had kept all of Baylin's research, which Kyle promptly began digging through along with Declan and Lori. Kyle eventually uncovers a paper by Declan with the symbol that Kyle had subconsciously drew, the letters Zzyzx, and coordinates close to where he had first woken up. Ditching Lori, the pair of Declan and Kyle promptly drive to the coordinates in an attempt to find the question about Kyles missing memories, leaving Declan at the car, Kyle attempts to scale a fence before being ambushed from behind by a masked man, who he fights, and eventually unmasks to be Tom Foss, who warns Kyle to avoid his past or the Tragers would end up killed.
Following the warning Kyle backs off from seeking answers about his past to protect his family, but he eventually resumes it when he gains another ability, super hearing, which caused him several headaches. He then attempts to learn more about Tom Foss, breaking into his apartment along with Declan, This action has the unforeseen consequence of Zzyzx learning he was still in town, being ordered once again to be terminated. Later Kyle goes to the carnival, where he strains his new power by eves dropping on Charlie and Declan's conversation, and further straining it attempting to listen to Tom Foss's conversation, learning he's going to be shot, he is inadvertently saved by a seizure, from his straining.
While resting in the hospital, a couple shows up claiming to be Kyle's biological parents, Kyle in a ploy to keep the Tragers safe fakes memories and leaves with them, in an attempt to gain answers. Promptly revealing to the couple he knows that they are not his parents, and it then taken to a house out in the woods where he's taken to meet the man with all of the answers to his questions Adam Baylinn.

Life with Adam Baylinn

Kyle is then driven to a remote forest home, where his pretend parents promptly leave, and he meets Adam Baylinn for the first time since his "birth." Adam then takes Kyle into his home, peaking Kyle's interest by moving a glass of water using only his mind. Baylinn then begins teaching Kyle, the importance of training his body to keep up with his mind, otherwise he would be killed by the strain. Adam is then shot by an unknown operative of Zzyzx, and presumed dead, Kyle then pours the ashes into the nearby river. 
Foss, seeing that Baylinn had been killed promptly then decides to blow up the Zzyzx facility to ensure Kyle was safe, Kyle however found out and tried to stop Foss, before the loss of innocent life occurred, only to be knocked out and recovered and arrived just in time to see the facility blow up, but what he missed was a girl, who wondered through the woods naked in pink goo, quickly murdering a hunter, who crossed her.
Kyle realizing that Baylinn, the only man who could possibly give him answers was dead, returned to the Tragers life, with the help of Adam's friend Taylor, concocting a story of a young Kyle being kidnapped by Adam Baylinn, and his parents losing there life in a car accident, and naming the Tragers as Kyles guardians, with Kyle officially becoming a member of the Trager family. 

Training with Foss

After becoming a Trager, Kyle begins training with Tom Foss to fulfill the hopes Adam Baylin had for him. He keeps this a secret from his family and Declan, as Foss repeatedly urges him that he is the only one he can trust with his secret. While training  with Foss, Kyle also begins to grow closer to Amanda, specifically when he sold Adam's Latnok ring, in order to buy back her locket,eventually starting a relationship with her, while dealing with the arrival of new girl Jessi, who was sent by Madacorp to be a "mental hacker" to gain information Kyle had downloaded to his mind from Zzyzx.
Kyle along with Lori, Declan, Josh, Andy, and Jessi eventually take a camping trip to a spot in the woods where Jessi had previously murdered the hunter, with Lori, and the group becoming lost in the remnants of the firebombed Zzyzx facility, during which Kyle begins experiencing flashbacks, because of his downloading all of the Zzyzx's security camera footage into his head. While during a confrontation between Jessi and Amanda over Kyle, Jessi causes the firedoors to drop throughout the whole facility,while also triggering a methane leek. Learning this Kyle has the others get out, while he goes back to find Jessi, who was petrified of the fire, and after getting her out promptly runs back to Adam Baylinns office, freeing a locked box from a hidden safe, and narrowly escaping from the Zzyzx facility alive.

Following this Kyle is introduced to Stephens new boss at Madacorp, Jullian Ballantine, when he comes to join the family for a dinner, in an attempt to spy on Kyle. Kyle quickly notices his Latnok ring, and believing it to be Adam's quickly begin planning to steal it back from him. Kyle, with the aid of Foss, and Declan breaks into Madacorp during the testing of C.I.R, but unfortunately the plan begins to crumble around them, and  Kyle just manages to get the ring from Ballantine, at the cost of Foss being captured by Madacorp security.

Following the raid on Madacorp, Kyle receives a phone call from Foss, telling him that he was okay. After the phone call, Kyle finally believes it's safe for him to attend a local charity event, which he ends up competing in for a new hybrid car. During the competition he uses this as an excuse to spend more time with Jessi, feeling closer to her since the incident in the Zzyzx ruins, during the competition there hands touch, causing them to share memories, and having the side effect  of blowing out the lights at the event, and having the two of them be sent to rest due to their proximity to the the lights, during which they show each other that the both don't have belly buttons, right at the second that Amanda walks in.

After this Kyle and Amanda begin to make up, as Amanda tells him about the offer for the conservatory in New York, which Kyle urges her to take, as it's a great opportunity for her.  During the rest of the family's arguing, Kyle suddenly is alone with Adam Baylinn, with a message he learns is from his subconscious. When he awakens from this vision, Kyle learns that Jessi has gone missing, and following telling Nicole that he and Jessi has a connection leaves to track her down, summarizing that she would head for the spot in the woods near the Zzyzx facility, finding Jessi standing on the edge of a cliff, talking her down and telling her that they were in this together until they find answers. The duo now looking for clues notice a hole in Adam's Latnok ring,  and quickly utilize the car's headlights to see what's in the hole, which the projects a map.

Following the map they are led to a diner, where they are mistaken by an older man as Adam Baylinn and his mysterious woman from the picture. Kyle and Jessi are then set at the couples old booth, that has the words A+ S June 1982 carved into it. Following their meal, they start traveling on the abandoned Route 12, coming upon on old log cabin, once inside they discover a secret passage, and a tone activated door set to the tune "She could be you."

Following a phone call to Amanda who plays the song, Kyle tells her how much he wants to be back in time to see her before she leaves. Once inside the room lights up, with a pod in the center, containing the previously thought deceased Adam Baylinn, with the duo attempting to communicate with him, during which he warns Kyle not to trust Jessi, who he warns has betrayed him, before she disconnects and flees from the cabin to the waterfalls, with Kyle in pursuit.  Jessi then begins a quick fight, during which Kyle appears to gain the upper hand, with Jessi ready to jump telling him that she did exactly as Madacorp had told her, before jumping from the cliff.

Following Jessi's jumping, Kyle heads back to his home where he tells his adopted family everything, from his birth up to Jessi's jumping. After the revelation, he begins to come up with a plan to fight against C.I.R. gaining the information, and destroy their server, but requires Stephens help to manually connect C.I.R. to the rest of the Madacorp building. Kyle and the family then arrive to the Madacorp party, where Kyle meets and makes a deal with Ballantine, to give him the information. But Ballantine then stick's Kyle in a holding room, as unknown to Kyle he already possessed the information, as Jason was in fact alive. Learning this, Kyle wirelessly enters Jessi's head, and takes back the information, leaving Ballantine in the position of freeing Jessi while strapping Kyle into C.I.R. where Kyle begins to fight against C.I.R. which begins erasing other memories, until Jessi, with Nicole's urging assisted Kyle in winning, which then causes a citywide blackout, and reveals Ballantine's illegal activities to the city of Seattle.

Following Madacorp's defeat, Kyle spends the rest of his school year relatively normally, with the added responsibility of watching out for the wild and carefree Jessi, who begins allowing herself being videotaped doing inhuman things. With Kyle ultimately using his water polarity to cause her to trip ,allowing everyone to think she chickened out of her last stunt, and them believing she had forged the previous ones.Shortly after Amanda returns home from the conservatory, telling Kyle that they needed to talk, but before they can her mother puts her on lockdown, not allowing her to see Kyle, believing he's the reason she has decided not to return to the conservatory, with Kyle spending his day attempting to send messages to Amanda, finally getting one in to meet at The Rack, where Kyle has prepared a romantic date, only for it to be ruined by Amanda's mother, who was tipped off by Jessi.

Amanda then sneaks away from the airport following being dropped off, coming to Kyle's room, falling asleep in his bathtub along with him, and the next day being forced to hide in his room, when the family begins cleaning and a social worker shows up to assesses Kyle's situation with the Trager's.  Following which, the social worker is revealed to be working with Latnok, to jduge how difficult it is to reach Kyle. Following Amanda's mother allowing her to stay home, on the condition she gets a job, Kyle ask's her mother if she could go to prom, to which her mother says yes, with Kyle attempting to give her the perfect prom.

Battling Latnok

Following Amanda and Kyle's perfect prom, Kyle leaves Amanda alone briefly, during which time she disappears and Kyle is then knocked out and take to a building to be experimented on, which he then frees himself using telekensis to throw a knife and cut himself out of his straps, before escaping the room, and jumping across the street from the roof. Returning home he grabs his cell phone, which has a video of an unconscious Amanda sent by text message, panicking Kyle returns to the building to find her, only for everything to be gone and Jessi to show up, where together they analyze the video with their enhanced senses, discovering a train horn in the background, before hunting her down. Once there they make use of their abilities to sneak in, and take out the guards, following Amanda's heartbeat, Kyle is shot by a rubber bullet and placed in a chair along with the other members of Latnok, and is introduced to Michael Cassidy, who to win Kyle over sets him free, along with Amanda and Jessi, with the two parting ways as Jessi is leaving Seattle with Sarah, and Kyle takes Amanda back home, who awakens on the way back with no memories of anything after prom.

Through out the week Kyle is anxious of something from Latnok, and heads to the Seattle Street Fair along with Amanda, Josh and Andy, but once he's there he see's Cassidy from a distance, but runs into Amanda when he attempts to follow him, with Amanda then finding out from Andy that Kyle had lied to her about being at the after party leaving him at the fair. While waiting he goes to see the psychic who suggests his soul mate is in trouble, causing Kyle to try to be around Amanda through out the day, culminating in Amanda being on a boat, when a beam falls knocking who he thinks is Amanda out and into the water, which he jumps in and saves her, only to be surprised when it's not Amanda but Jessi.

Amanda soon has audition for a scholarship, but can no longer play the piano as she can't hold the piece in her head, constantly messing up at a certain part, Kyle theorizing it was to do with Latnoks drugging her, proceeds to go to Cassidy who tells him that it wasn't drugs but in fact a neural implant, but it was supposed to have dissolved, with Cassidy offering to help her, but Kyle turning it down. Kyle then begins to search for a way to neutralize it with Jessi, the newest addition to the Trager house  deciding the best way to dissolve it is to pass an electrical current through her body by a kiss, but must practice on Jessi as not to kill Amanda, when he finally gets the voltage right Amanda walks in on the kiss, not knowing she assumes Kyle is just a cheater storming off. Kyle then goes to the audition sneaking to the back to see Amanda by the rafters, during which he urges her to trust him to help, passing the current along but ending their relationship.

 Kyle experiencing his first heartbreak wallows for days in his tub, with all of his family each trying in there own way to talk to him to help him through it, with Jessi going so far as charging up to electricity to wipe Amanda from his mind, only to be stopped, following this Josh and Declan take him out to a bar that doesn't card, where he quickly gets drunk and starts showing off all of his abilities to everyone in the bar. Once the group leave, they discover the Trager family car has been stolen, during which they steal it from the impact lot, only to shred a back tire, and be caught up to by the tow man who intends to make the group pay, during which Kyle catches his chain and ties him up, and they steal a tire returning home, with Kyle finally working up the nerve to tell Amanda everything, only to be confonted by Foss outside the hosue, giving them the noise that Baylinn has died.

Deal with Latnok

Following the news of his biological fathers passing, Kyle leaves with Nicole and Josh to a psychiatry conference, during which in the middle of though Kyle narrowly swerves to miss a car, with the car going off the road into the woods, trapping Nicole, and the group being out cell phone range, along with the pregnant driver of the car who is about to give birth.  With Nicole bleeding and the woman so close to labor, Kyle attempts to contact Jessi telepathically, who sends an ambulance as Nicole slips into unconsciousness. Once at the hospital, Kyle listens in on Nicole's doctors who tells Stephen about the massive internal bleeding she's suffering, and at the urging of Josh Kyle speed reads every medical journal in the hospital and masqurades as a medical student, trying to save her only to discover the science is to inferior to help, before he tries and fails to heal her. Growing desperate, and at the urging of Jessi Kyle visits Cassidy, agreeing to go to Latnok, in exchange for a sample of Baylinn's bio nutrient, which Kyle accepts, and then injects into Nicole's IV, which has a drastic affect of healing her.

Honoring his deal Kyle shows up at Latnok discovering the group of students, who work at the university, with goals of the betterment of humanity, and chasing grant money. Kyle then leaves, but is drawn back to win money  when Nicole's hospital bill proves to much to pay, in an attempt to help them he begins working at Latnok to win a hover board building competition. But when his hover board is destroyed by jealous student Nate, he storms off from Latnok to build it at home with the assistance of all of his family. Following Jessi getting the industrial magnets, and the kids of Latnok assisting him with putting the rest of his board together, Kyle wins the competition over Nate, who in revenge goes to The Rack, in an attempt to start a relationship with Amanda as revenge to Kyle.Which causes a jealous Kyle to try and break the pair up, as he drives them closer together as he grows closer to Jessi following the Latnok party, and him learning of the death of Jessi's mother Sarah.

Kyle beginss enacting his endgame,  attempting to gain Cassidy's tust completely which he accomplishes with faking his murder of Jessi. After which the two head back to Cassidy's apartment wheree Cassidy reveals Latnok's plan to create an army of enhanced humans through longer gestation periods. Learning  this Kyle sets upon learning the location Kyle sneaks into the abandoned warehouse, where he learns Latnok's plan is infact to create an army of clones of Kyle himself, but wiith Mark's aid he manages to infect the  nutrients in the pod with bacteria, killing his clones in the process. Believing the danger to be over, he returns home to an empty Trager house, where he is confronted by Cassidy who reveals to Kyle that they share thhe same mother, making them brother.  Cassidy begins to shock Kyle and verbally abuse him, before Kyle floors him with a gigantic  uppercut sending him through the side doors, with the show ending with Kyle standing over an unconcioous Cassidy.

Powes and Abilities 

 Due to Kyles longer gestation, his brain allowed him many powers beyond any human on Earth. When the show first began, Kyle was amnesiac, with no knowledge of other abilities besides a incredible aptitude for learning, able to learn to talk in one day,the ability to copy complex martial arts moves,Mandarin Chinese he saw just by seeing it done once in a late night Kung-Fu movie, being able to solve any math problem instantly as well as being able to remember long lines of binary code to restore a picture with just a glance, and being capable of speed reading the entire set of encyclopedias in under an hour. 
Kyle's brain offered him several useful abilities, including his ability to manipulate his body's polarity against that of an source of water, with this ability he was able to hover and run on water, or even it offensively to use the water particles to push an opponent.Kyle possesses telekinesis as well, which is the upgraded version of his polarity manipulation, but can affect any object, without the need of water molecules present. He also possessed what he called a holographic memory, allowing him to to replay the memory in his mind, but allowing himself to freely move about the memory, exploring it from different angles he couldn't see earlier. 
Kyles brain enabled him to increase his various senses, enabling him to focus on one sense, boosting it to superhuman levels. When focused on sight, he was capable of night vision along with seeing the heat signatures of lasers. While focusing on sound enables him to focus on sounds from a further distance away, through doors and even soundproofed rooms. 
Kyle also possessed the ability to manipulate his own bodies electricity,  based on the state of his emotions,  while initially this was an accidental ability, that usually blew out the entire buildings he was in circuitry, he continues training, and gains more control of it, capable of kissing Amanda, delivering a electrical charge small enough to fry the chip inside of her body, and the extreme limit was shown when he brought a dead Jessi back to life with it.
Kyle possessed a superhuman healing factor, while never injured to the extent of having to utilize it on himself. Although it is implied to be very extensive, as he healed one of Jessi's cuts, and then healed Andy of her cancer, with nothing but a nosebleed as a side effect.  
Kyle's last ability is almost a subconscious one, using his brain he can amp up his body to superhuman strength and durability. To the point of his casually leaping from rooftops, and being able to jump from one building to another from across a street.

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