Why Kyle Rayner is my personal hero!!!

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Ahhhh.. Kyle Rayner. for a while the last Green Lantern in the DC universe.For a while he was Ion, but he still carries the torch of the Green Lantern Corp.

But he has a special place in my heart for a lesson he taught me.

It was a time before the Sinestro Corp War , he was still bonded with Ion and he heard from Guy that his mother is dying. When he arrived home she was dead. Using his Ion powers he revived her. But she declined resurrection and after a tearful talk and goodbye, he let her go.He let her rest in peace.

And after reading that, I wondered.

Would I have done the same if i was in his place???

My own mom died of a mysterious heart a attack a day later after I visited her while she was healing her inability to walk.

I probably wouldn't. But that is why i love Kyle so much. Even in the worst moral situations he did the right thing no matter who much he wanted something. And that is why he rules !!!!!!!

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@Darksider555: That is why heroes touch us all :)

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Kyle is a bad mamma jamma

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@RazzaTazz said:

@Darksider555: That is why heroes touch us all :)

especially the good ones :) but they teach us that life is hard and the choices we make affect not just us but everyone around us. + the time space continuum

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can u suggest any good kyle stories for me to pick up

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@sog7dc: have you read the ION stories?

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no I haven't. but I just ordered one of them off of amazon. thank you for responding btw

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