New Guardians Pic

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WHOAH!!! They are wasting absolutely no time in this series!

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Ya, man thats what i thought, right into a major arc it seems.

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So Kyle's going to become a rainbow warrior? Looks cool, I've always wanted to know what somebody would look like with all rings.

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I thought it was impossible for someone to wear all the rings because of the antithesis factor

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Im still wondering if they will do anything with the white and black rings in this one too. i mean the black rings i believe were released with the death of mogo and idk about the white
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Bump what ended up happeneing?

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@Supermanwithatan01:he controlled the power of all the colors for I believe all of 10 seconds (might be rounding up here) before starting to literally melt. However the newest story arc is going to feature him learning each color separately from members of the other corps. He also was able to summon the blue light to super charge a blast from his ring without the aid of a blue lantern or ring.

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