New 52 White Lantern Respect Thread

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In November 2011, the New 52 and now began a new direction was taken to the superheroes of DC, principally for the one of most coolest and proeminent GL: Kyle Rayner

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Green Lantern: New Guardian 1

Ganthet created the ultimate and most powerful Green Lantern ring and choosen Kyle at it's owner.

Created constructs to hold a big crane,before hits the civillians.

Chosen to be part of the other Corps.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 2 & 3

Redirected Bleez's rage blast,which is capable to burn through everything.

Use energies from the rails to stun Arkillo.

Superpass the speed of light (supraluminal) to reach OA.

Wielding the powers of the seven Corps keep the Guardians at bay.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 4

Ganthet says that even without the rings,Kyle's still have the powers from other emotionals spectrum inside himself. As he demonstrated one shotting Ganthet.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 6

Conecting with Emotional Spectrum manages to establish contact with rings from other corps,something any Lantern or Guardian have done before.

Throw a transatlantic at Invictus.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 7

Take off fire expelled by Bleez from his body.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 9

Establish another contact

Green Lantern: New Guardian 10

Tanked blast from 3 Reach's Warships.

Survive after fall from the space to Odym

Green Lantern: New Guardian 11

Makes a binoculars to observe a planet at a moon of distance.

Deflects Larfleezee's blasts.

Punching a orange constructs.

Knocked down Larfleezee.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 12

He is chooosed by Ganthet due his potential to wield the whole Emotional Spectrum.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 0

Kyle can sense the residual energies and make it visible.

Harness the blue light of Hope to kill reanimated zombies.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 13

Under Atrocitus tutelage learns how to acess rage,so could master it. Burns a group of terrorists.

Using the blue light heal their victims.

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@matchesmalone21: So what exactally happend to him inorder to get picked by all the lanterns courps. Also does he still have all the rings?

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@Z3RO180: He received all the rings, because it is one of the few people able to go through the entire emotional spectrum ,well everyone is able to do this but he is the only able to keep them all in sync. After the second issue he kind of rejected the power and the rings were to their respective owners, but is likely to happen again during the Third Army event

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Green Lantern: New Guardian 14


With different colors constructs show to Arkillo what is his mind,only Blue Lanterns demonstrated that capability.

Embrace good and bad emotions Kyle have mastered Indigo and Yellow light.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 15

Tanked blast from Larfleezee. Resist to being absorbed by his constructs.

Took the light of Avarice.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 16

Using all its powers at once battles Ganthet to technical stalemate,but ended be badly injured.

Create energy cannons to take down the Third Army.

Forgiving everyone Ganthet and everyone that makes something bad with him,gives acess to the Violet light and the mastering the whole Emotional Spectrum,becoming a White Lantern.

With a simple gesture wipe out the Third Army.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 17

Tanked strong hist from alternate timeline Guy Gardner.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 19

Feeling the residual lifeforce of the Korugarians,Kyle use it and almost manages to recreated Korugar.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 20

Open dimensional-spacial portals.

He can still command diferents shades of the Emotional Spectrum. Put on the fire on Oil platform.

Instill love in terrorists so they wouldn't kill inocents people.

Makes plant life grown on a desert and heal some civilians.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 21

Beats up space cyborg sharks.

Warp speed.

Whitstand his own blast.

Survives a massive explosion.

Green Lantern: New Guardian 22

Burns Relic.

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@matchesmalone21: Cool.

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@NerdsFTW: Thanks again,dude!!

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Why does Larfleeze kill him?

And didn't he die in Blue Beetle #9?

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@jwalser3: No he didn't die in Blue Beetle 9.

Glommy tried to protect Kyle from the fury of Larfleeze and realizing that he was no longer one of his mindles soldiers,Larfleeze kill him

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@matchesmalone21: Cool scans.

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My 4th favourite green lantern tied with John Stewart

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@NerdsFTW: Thanks!!

@sethysquare: Now it's seem that he will play a big role in the Third Army story arc

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@matchesmalone21: So did Kyle Rayner beat Blue Beetle in that scan?

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Kyle now looks like Nightwing as a Green Lantern.

Good scans and props @matchesmalone21: for putting in the time to create these respect threads.

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@NerdsFTW: Actually no,Beetle dodge his attack

@Deranged Midget: I appreciate the compliment and I'm glad you liked it,as soon more and more respect threads will arrive

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@matchesmalone21 said:


This reminds me of this:

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@NerdsFTW: LOl...I didn't realize this,nice catch!!!! Maybe the writer wanted to do a tribute

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@matchesmalone21: Actually Kyle has always been playing a pretty big role in GL universe. Hal is of course the center of the universe, after which theres Kyle. Guy and John would be the least significant amongst the 4 GL.

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Maybe, lol.

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@sethysquare: Yes,but now I feel it as being more important than he was before


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@matchesmalone21: Yes, he certainly got alot more important. But he has always been the focus in GLC for the past few years is all I'm saying.

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@sethysquare: I understand!!

#22 Posted by sethysquare (3965 posts) - - Show Bio


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@matchesmalone21:Indigo Tribe has already made an appearance in the new 52?

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@NerdsFTW: Yes,the Indigo re-debute in Green Lantern 7...but Munk debuted first

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@matchesmalone21: What's Munk?

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@NerdsFTW: Munk is a member of indigo tribe and one of new guardians

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@matchesmalone21: Thanks for the info.

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THis is book is indeed good and funny.

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@matchesmalone21: Well that's interesting indeed. Kyle wasn't even worthy of the Green Lantern ring, Ganthet sent it to him on purpose. That'll piss some people off.

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@Deranged Midget: I know some people didn't like,well me either,but on the other hand showed that he has a lot of potential and can be much more than a Green Lantern, a treatment that was necessary for him

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@matchesmalone21: I guess, but in turn, he's more of a balanced Lantern now than a true Lantern. An all around player if you will.

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@Deranged Midget: Oh yeah,agreed!! I read that it will be of great importance to the event The Third Army,I guess because his new status...but what happened to him after the end of this event is that intrigues me

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Huh, you know he New Guardians #1 put me off reading it any further, but after seeing this I might give it another shot. Still much better than Hal.

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Harness the green and blue spectrum at the same time (also beat dozens of black lanterns in one hit)
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I seriously love this issue. Love the art. Love Carol and her new outfit.

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@matchesmalone21: Wow Kyle's the new rainbow Lantern. Nice to see him harness the other emotional spectrums.

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@Lvenger: Yeah,I think Kyle will became a White Lantern in The Third Army event,because to bring ''The Entity'' in Blackest Night was needed the powers of the Seven Corps...that would be awesome and huge (besides these one) upgrade for Kyle

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@matchesmalone21: It'd certainly be a step up from being the host of the Ion entity. But then we have the problem of the New 52 continuity. After the Entity 'died' it appointed a new White Lantern to act as the Protector of Life, Swamp Thing. But there's been hardly a mention of that since the reboot even if Blackest Night and Brightest Day did take place. Swamp Thing's back as the Champion of the Green, not as the protector of life on Earth.

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Kyle is starting to become my fav Lantern. Arkrillo and St Walker are cool aswell.

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@Lvenger: It is also possible, but I think it becomes a White Lantern only to bring the entity back to swing the fight against the Guardians and Black Hand,later another protector would be chosen,but not the protector of life on Earth,but more like Nekron in his own realm... If Kyle became Ion again,would be sweet,but I hope that he will stay on the Ion identity

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@Lvenger:Yeah and not to mention if Swamp Thing could use any white light mojo he definitely would have been doing so.

I love the scan of him using blue and green together, especially the page before it, looks like the Blue Lantern symbol is acting like a rifle sight

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This book is my favorite of all the Lanterns. Its the one I look forward to the most. Can't wait to see what happens to Kyle in the Third Army arc. Oh...and Arkillo rules!!!

@matchesmalone21: Any scans of Kyle fighting Atrocitus and becoming a red lantern? That was a great issue

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@Hanson724: I will search for these scans!!

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Ok this may or not be the best photo but the is a picture of Kyle from GL New Guardians #16

so fucking op'ed

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@matchesmalone21: This respect thread is sick, you've pretty much included everything he's done in the new 52, good job.

- Question: Did Kyle's transformation to White Lantern heal him from a fatal wound?

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