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Manipulated by Seahn
Kwe is a member of the Dexter Secundae. She has openly stated at some point, that she and the other Secundae are mistreated by their parents, the First. Although Kwe believes that the Secundae should be treated more like equals, allowing their power to grow, she does not wish to over throw Dexter's leader, Pyrem. However, she is coerced into joining Seahn's rebellion when she is unable to use her speed to escape Enson's grasp. Seahn threatens her with death or memory alteration before allowing her to leave. She curses him after the ordeal is done, stating that she cannot believe that House Dexter has spawned someone so cruel. Kwe's name is derived from the word quick, and not only governs her personality, but her power choice as well. Kwe is not seen again through out the series, and it is not known if she ever helped Seahn's plan after he joined forces with members of House Sinister.

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