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Kwai is a mystically warrior believed to have existed over a century ago as a Protector for the Ancient Chinese against evil demons, dark forces, and magically entities who threaten to destroy the Chinese civilization. Though Kwai defeated many of the demons and entities in battle, she was defeated and killed by a being referred to as The Demon Fox. After her death, Kwai’s essence was sent to the kingdom of Kwen Lun aka the Golden City, her birthplace. After an agreement with her father, The Jade

Emperor, Kwai was given another life to protect China from the demonic Demon Fox. As part of the agreement with her father, the essenceof Kwai returned to Earth and shared the body of a human being. During her first incarnation, Kwai possessed the body of a woman believed to be a descendant of The Jade Emperor and transformed to her natural form of Kwai. Though Kwai retained her previous appearance, she noticed an increase in her abilities after her rebirth, this includes the ability of flight, recuperation, and enhanced durability. Kwai defeated several mystical demons before what was believed to be her final battle with

her sister, The Demon Fox. Kwai eventually engaged and killed the Demon Fox in battle in China. Following her victory against the Demon Fox, Kwai is viewed as the ultimate warrior and is referred to as the Avenger by the people of Ancient China. Kwai’s victory party is short

lived as her essence returns to the Golden City and her human host returned to normal as well without Kwai possessing

her body. This would continue throughout the century as Kwai would return in different incarnations over 75 times to protect not only China but now the world itself from Mystically Beings and Demons whom plan to destroy it. Each time Kwai is reborn, she possessed the human body of a female descendant from her lineage. During one of her many incarnations, Kwai, along with a childhood friend the Monkey King, met and befriended man named Carlos. Carlos is a time traveler with limited memories of his past life. He believes himself to be lost in time and feels Kwai is the key to him returning back to his own timeline.

Unfortunately for Carlos, Kwai was not able to help him return to his own timeline.Though it is not revealed what happened to Carlos, it is implied he faded away and was once again lost in time. Several decades later, Kwai returns to battle the Demon fox, which has once again been brought back to life by a Crime Lord named John Wing. Wing, who was recently embarrassed by a gang known as the Blood Syndicate, killed his wife and unborn child and used dark magic to resurrect the Demon Fox to destroy the Syndicate. Kwai essence is sent to the modern world as

it begins to take over the body of a teenage girl named Nina Lam who is also from the same lineage as Kwai’s previous host bodies. The Demon Fox’s emergence in Paris Island triggered Nina Lam’s transformation into Kwai. Kwai intervened in the Blood Syndicate’s battle with the Demon Fox and chased her off, then healed the Syndicate’s wounds. Kwai joined the syndicate soon afterwards. Kwai is shot and nearly killed during a mission with the Syndicate and would recuperate in a self-made healing cocoon.After she is completely healed, Kwai learns that she's down to

her last life. Eventually,Kwai decided that she had to leave the Syndicate and is later seen returning toher homeland, the Kingdom of Kwen Lun; meeting with her old friend, the Monkey King, revealing that she needs to ask her father, the Jade Emperor for another life, as she is sentenced to death without reincarnation. Ending up in the Kingdom of Ti Yu (hell), Kwai was offered marriage to the Dog God there to save

her existence, but decides she can't marry him; finally in a battle royale with the Blood Syndicate against the Demon Fox, Kwai and the Demon Fox apparently destroyed each other, leaving her host body, Nina Lam surviving the battle. Nina is shown in a future mini-series meeting with the Syndicate, and apparently attempting to transform back into Kwai by saying her name, reminiscent of the 'SHAZAM' transformation of DC's Captain Marvel. Although she is rendered unconscious before she can say the word, she is later seen in the form of Kwai, implying that she has been granted a 'normal life' as Nina, with the potential

to become Kwai in times of danger.

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