i saw that there are rumers that kushina

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could be pein/pain i mean wtf mabye pein is the 4th hokage i mean that body u first see of pain wit spiked hair that looks a bit like the 4th i mean idk

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(?!) they doesent have anything in common (LOL)

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i have seen pein out of shadows and it is the 4th also pein was a war orphan that jiraiya took and was on the 4ths team with konan

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Let's use some logic here. Now, why the f#ck would Minato be Pein? He would've turned down the mission to capture the Nine-Tails Demon Fox if he were Minato. Why?: Because, If you had a child, and you knew if some orginazation would capture him to extract something he needs to live out of him, would you be dumb enough to put your child's life in jeapordy? I think not.

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And, how could the Fourth escape the Death God's body? It's impossible for even the highest ranked ninja in Konoha. It just can't be done.
The Fourth didn't even live to have enough time to become Pein. Oh well, it probably is the 4th anyway. If this is true, I don't wanna see Naruto fight Madara, I want to see him fight his so-called father, Pein.

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ok first and for most Minato isn't Pein.... Pein was a student of Jiraiya long with Konan and Yahiko when him, Orochimaru, and Tsunade went to the rain village durning the ninja wars and was giving the title of Sannin by the Salamander Hanzou.... Nagato is Pein real name and the body that  looks like Minato is actually one of the rain orphans that  Jiraya trained Yahiko... Pein took six bodies of ninja that Jiraiya have incountered... but Minato isn't one of them sorry...

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I think Naruto's mom left to find a way to undo what Minato did with the Kyuubi or Fox Demon inside her son. I know I wouldnt like having a demon living inside a kid of mine. They may even meet up in the land of the Whirlpool where Kushina is originally from. I also think Pein isnt Nagato but that one quiet kid. I bet he killed Nagato and is using the body like the other five.

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