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Kusanagi Shiyu was born with the ability to hear the fauna and the flora. That why he decided to not live in town. Because he has a huge power due to his angel’s capacity, Kusanagi chose the army.

Yuzuriha Nekoi


He lives at the army base of Ichigawa. So he could easily be with the Nature. Because he is Dragons of Earth, Kusanagi goes regularly at Tokyo. One day he falls on Inuki and Yuzuriha Nekoi.

Yuzuriha is a smart teenager. Kusanagi Shiyu says hello to Inuki telling Yuzuriha it is a strange but good dog. Yuzuriha falls in tears in the arms of Kusanagi.

When Yuzuriha finished crying, they introduce themselves and joke about their names. Kusanagi explains he is a soldier at Ichigaya whereas Yuzuriha explains that Kusanagi is the first person who can see Inuki. Others think she is a liar. Kusanagi replies that to have a special ability could bring pains but it could also bring joys. He reveals that he has the ability to understand the fauna and the flora. Yuzuriha is happy to see a special person like her; but she doesn’t do the link between Kusanagi and the dragons whereas Kusanagi does the link between Yuzuriha and the dragons. She must leave him because she has people to see at the Diet Building.

The Monos


Felling the return of Kamui Shiro and the meeting of Dragons of Heaven, Kusanagi wants to see Kamui’s house. He meets Kotori Mono who is attacked electrical cables. Just in time, she is saved by Kusanagi. The electrical attack continues but he stops it with strong attacks. Kusanagi tells Kotori to be careful, especially near Kamui’s house; then he leaves jumping from roof to roof.

When Fuma Mono wakes up as the Kamui of the Earth, Kusanagi knows he must join him. So he goes to the Mokona Apapa. Even if he is with Fuma, Kusanagi prefers to not intervene in the destruction of kekkai. He prefers communicate with animals and goes to a rendezvous with Yuzuriha.



Kusanagi arrives and apologizes to be late. She was also late, so it is not important. She explains she met a man (Fuma) who looks like him. Kusanagi replies he knows someone who looks like everyone in order to play the role the other decides.

When Yuzuriha goes to defend a kekkai, Kusanagi decides to follow her discretely. She creates a kekkai and is wondering where could be the angel responsible of this earthquake. Through Beast, Satsuki Yatoji sees Yuzuriha attacking with Inuki electrical cables and decides to have a talk with her. By the intermediary of a giant screen, Satsuki introduces herself as one of the dragons of Earth. Yuzuriha asks her why she accepts to destroy buildings where people are. Satsuki returns the question saying why not killing people. She thinks human being is an animal like others. Because he is superior to others, he can kill everything he wants. But angels are superior to humans. So why cannot she kill people? Yuzuriha doesn’t find any answer. Satsuki attacks her, but sacrifice itself in order to protect Yuzuriha. She doesn’t support this sacrifice, tears in tears and faints. The kekkai is dissipated. Hopefully, Kusanagi is there to rescue her.

Yuzuriha wakes up at the military hospital of Ichigawa where Kusanagi brought her. She asks for Shinjuku. Kusanagi responds that Shinjuku is completely destroyed. Yuzuriha cries because she thinks she is responsible of the death of Inuki and the destruction of Shinjuku. She didn’t answer, so they died. Kusanagi says she is the answer: People would cry if people are killed. He proposes her to take a rest and stays with her.

Near Tokyo Tower, Kusanagi is also worried about Yuzuriha. She is happy of her clothes bought by Kusanagi because it is gift by the person she loves. She understands she is too young to be loved by him; but she wants to know more about him. He is glad of that and agrees to know more about each other. Yuzuriha must leave and join the other seals. Kusanagi is disoriented because is a dragon of Earth whereas Yuzuriha is a dragon of Heaven.

Powers and Abilities


High Jump

Like every dragon, Kusanagi could jump the high of a building.


Kusanagi knows soldier techniques like Shirahadori.


Kusanagi could use psionic attack like hadoken.


Kusanagi uses his strength to break the ground.


Kusanagi can communicate with the fauna and the flora.

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