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    Astro City #1 0

    We meet Spartan, A Superman like hero, who only uses his job at a newspaper as a way to find out about crimes and disasters he needs to stop. All he does is dream of taking time out for himself and just flying, but there is never any time in the day. So we see a man truly in service of the world.I can't help but think this is Superman done right. Don't get me wrong, I love the Superman books. Love the supporting cast, everything. Yet he is shown as a person who always wants to help. Well, that i...

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    The Best Superhero Series Ever! 0

    It's no secret that I think Kurt Busiek is the best comics writer of the superhero genre active in comics today. After writing for numerous titles at DC and Marvel, and creating the landmark Marvels mini-series with Alex Ross that showed the Marvel Universe in a whole new light, Busiek set about to 'reconstruct' the superhero after a decade of 'deconstruction' that began with The Dark Knight and Watchmen.  Teaming up with Brent Anderson, and recruiting old pal Alex Ross for the covers (which ...

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