etragedy's Kull the Conqueror #10 - Sword Of The White Queen! review

Kull vs. Emma Frost!

Emma, is that you?

In issue 10 of Kull the Conqueror, Kull leads the army of Valusia in battle against the Zarfhaanan army outside the city of Kamula.

The White Queen in battle

This is a good story, for the first time we get to see Kull not solo, or with just a band of Red Slayers, but at the head of the entire Valusian Army. There is also some court intrigue going on behind the scenes that may have something to do with the origins of the conflict.

The Zarfhaanans make an interesting opposition. They do not follow the rigid battle tactics of the Valusians, yet the male Zarfhaanans are merely the first wave of attackers, followed by the elite combat troops - the Zarfhaanan women.

Zarfhaana seems to be a matriarchal society led by - and here's where it gets really interesting - Queen Veria. The reason that's interesting is that Veria seems to be a sort of proto- Emma Frost type character. She has a dominatrix-like bearing, wears a skimpy outfit except for white furs and a cape, goes by the name 'The White Queen', and even causes Kull to see illusions (via witchcraft rather than a mutant power). Could Veria have been a conscious or subconscious influence on the creation of Emma Frost?

What powers does the White Queen have to affect men's minds?

Well, all speculation aside, it's a good issue - worth reading if you only plan on hitting the highlights of the Kull saga.

Posted by SC

Heh heh nice title for review. Emma's great great great... etc grandmother = cool.


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