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A fabulous issue

This issue, with lovely art from old epic fantasy artist John Buscema, is really great. The thing I like most of all is that despite the fact that there is an extensive amount of story considering all the characters and their backgrounds shown it never becomes jumbled or convoluted. Reading this you get a very exact idea about all the people in the story from Kull to Iraela and the aged wizard and every character seems well conceived and fits the whole story nicely. The dialogue is also coherent and well distributed among the characters so that each of them gets his chance to show who he is. Kull's story expands from his infant years to his future as a king of the continent and the end just leaves you wanting more in the vein of a classical Robert E.Howard story because it gives something most fantasy comics tend to forget, perspective.

The art also helps the story progress nicely. I love John Buscema's panels here they are just so vibrant. My only complaint is that the backgrounds could be more full but in a 42 page issue it feels like asking too much. Kull's facial expressions are a joy, it is obvious Buscema took some time to make him look different that Conan and it clearly pays off.

Overall, if you are interested in barbaric fiction a-la-Conan you will find more than you're looking for here. But apparently and comic fan should give this issue a chance. A real pity this title didn't last much longer, it deserved to...

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