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Kull, King of Valusia attends a royal wedding of the heiress of Thule to the crown-prince of Verulia. At some point Ku-War the ruler of Atlantis enters the room. Kull is amazed by his chief Guard, a fierce woman named Iraina, dressed in an impressive outfit made out of a tigress's skin. After the wedding a series of contests is proclaimed. Th king of Thule calls for Kull and Ku-War to choose two fighters to confront each other. Ku-war picks Iraina and Kull his royal Pictish guard Ku-Var. Ku-Var hesitates in battling a woman but Iraina's taunts frustrate him so he attacks her but he loses. After that Kull accidentally meets his old mentor Ram-Os who tells him about Iraina's wild character and the way she avoids Ku-Var's pleasantries.

Kull and his embarrassed guard and friend leave the wedding banquet and time passes after the incident, when, one day Ram-Os enters his castle at the capital of Valusia in a terrible state. Apparently Iraina has killed Ku-Var who sexually offended her. She has made an army out of women and has lead them into battle with devastating effects. These women warriors apparently under Iraina's spell can convert themselves into mighty tigresses and beat any army that opposes them. Iraina, after that, visits Kull in his dreams and causes him a terrible nightmare. Meanwhile in Iraina's camp the former Valusian king who lost his throne from Kull help her meet the king. Kull promises her a formal meeting within an hour. But Ku-Var suspicious about Ram-Os moves follows him and sees that he is actually a traitor to Kull having made a pact with Iraina. When Ram-Os returns to the city he attacks him and interrogates him.

Ram-Os tells him on how when he was a tribal wizard of the Picts he warned his tribe leader about the coming of a child who would rule over all of the Thurian continent. He was ordered to kill the kid's mother when she was about to bring him to life. However, she had twins a boy and a girl. Ram-Os tried to save them both but in the end managed to save only the girl. He trained her hard because he thought much of her unique destiny and prospects. However, one day years later he accidentaly discovered the other child growing up amongst a pack of tigers. He trained him also, but without letting him know about his sister's fate. That man would become Kull and the girl Iraina.

Kull without knowing about any of this enters the palace and meets Iraina. He tries to kiss her but she scratches his face. He fights with her royal tiger and with the help of Ku-Var who enters the scene kill him. Then he learns about who Iraina really is. She tries to kill him and transforms herself into a tigress but Kull prevails and kills her twisting her neck. Then the spell which has helped her army take animal form is solved and the women regain their true form ending the battle. Ramos appears in the scene and he informs Kull that he knew about his fate from the beginning, He is to become the king that will unite the whole continent. After that he dies in his hands. Kull is left to ponder about his future and the mysteries life has played on him.







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A fabulous issue 0

This issue, with lovely art from old epic fantasy artist John Buscema, is really great. The thing I like most of all is that despite the fact that there is an extensive amount of story considering all the characters and their backgrounds shown it never becomes jumbled or convoluted. Reading this you get a very exact idea about all the people in the story from Kull to Iraela and the aged wizard and every character seems well conceived and fits the whole story nicely. The dialogue is also coherent...

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