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Green Lantern Honor Guard
Status: Deceased
Space Sector: 1890
Sector Partner: Service pre-dates Sector Partners
Predecessor: Unknown
Successor: Unknown


K’ryssma was one of the most respected veterans of the Green Lantern Corps as well as member of the Honor Guard on Oa. She served alongside Apros of 7Pi and Tomar-Re of Xudar, as division leaders in the Corps war against the renegade Guardian of the Universe known as  Krona and his master Nekron, Lord of the Unliving.

K’ryssma is from a species of humanoids descendent from insects. After the first destruction of the Central Power Battery, K’ryssma entered a cocoon state and was awakened by the children of the Mosaic World. Shortly after, K’ryssma joined John Stewart’s Darkstars.

While serving with the Darkstars, K'ryssma was killed on a reconnaissance mission. Before dying, she managed to warn John Stewart and Donna Troy of an impending invasion by the forces of Grayven, the son of Darkseid.

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