How much Kryptonite is too much?

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We have all seen Kryptonians get severly hurt by Kryptonite, but how much does it REALLY take to kill one?
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Not sure, one moment he cringes at the sight of a small kryptonite ring and another moment he's fighting a kryptonite monster..

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I suppose it all depends on length of exposure and the willpower of the person.  Often, Superman has the ability to overcome Kryptonite radiation poisoning when someone is in danger because of his will to fight and defend.  Other Kryptonians might not have that kind of focus or perhaps that opportunity.

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depends on the writer

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@joshmightbe said:
"depends on the writer "

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It's not about the amount of kryptonite, it's about how long he's exposed to it. Any amount of kryptonite is dangerous, from tiniest pebbles to meteor sized chunks. Now how it actually takes to kill him, that really @joshmightbe said:

" depends on the writer "
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What if , for instance, one was stabbed with a Kryptonite knife? Would the effects be greater if a ring was being held in front of him for the same period of time that a knife was inside of him?
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my question is if a kryptonite knife works why dosnt a ninja eenmy(surely ther is one) just make a katana of the stuff n cut him in half

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#10 Posted by Valtot (4502 posts) - - Show Bio
 ya need a alot more kryptonite to take down superman now
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Not sure. I think Superman takes a lot more to take down than most other Kryptonians though.

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@joshmightbe said:
" depends on the writer "

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@MrDirector786: i agree with u on that 1
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Any Kryptonite is to much Kryptonite.

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