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Notable Units

 Ursa leading Black Zero against Brainiac

Black Zero

Black Zero was the elite combat unit of Krypton's military, being made up of the Military Guild's best soldiers. Commanded by Ursa, Black Zero was called in to respond to Brainiac's attack on the capital city of Kandor. The attack was more than any of them were prepared to handle, and the members of Black Zero were killed within three or four seconds of engaging Brainiac's drones. Only Ursa survived. Among Black Zero's fallen were the married couple of Ak-Var and Tes Ak-Var, parents of Thara Ak-Var.

    Red Shard Tactical Response Unit

Red Shard

The Red Shard tactical response unit is a combat unit that traditionally handles law enforcement and civic defense matters.

On New Krypton, Superman was given the rank of commander in the Military Guild and assigned to command Red Shard. First Lieutenant Asha Del-Nar was his second in command, and they oversaw Aspirants Sem-Re, Kir-Ta, Jeq-Vay and Non.

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