So now that Krypto is back....

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 So now that  like...the best man/dog relationship ever is back. Where do ya think Krypto is headed in comics or media or wherever?

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I hope they use him sparingly in plots but I would like to see some consistent interaction between him and Kal, as well as being "loaned out" to other heroes like he was pre-flashpoint (helping Batman, helping Supergirl, ect.) Speaking of Supergirl, I wonder what's going to happen when she sees him back with Kal considering she was a teen when baby Kal had the dog. Maybe Krypto bridges the gap between Kara and Kal? Wishful thinking...

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Next issue of Supergirl:

Supergirl Meets Krypto! And one of them dies!

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  @TheCrowbar:  Better not be Krypto, he just came back! 
@Supes1903:  Could be possible, I mean your thinking is more possible then mine lol. My thinking for media, is that they make Krypto have a tv show(similar to my post/thread I made) now that is very wishful thinking. But I think it could do well, if written well.

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