Perhaps a silly question...

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Ok don't laugh but, lol(see now I am already laughing) has Krypto ever had a love interest or a mate? I know call me crazy, but just something I always wondered about so if anyone has any information let me know! 
Off-topic: Side note, I do have a rather interesting idea for a Krypto tv series...but will post that tomorrow so I can get the final details worked out in my head.

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I don't know for sure, but the only other significant DC dog I can think of is Ace the Bat-Hound, so probably not.

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@Jotham:  Hmm..not even like a minor one or something?.....Well that sucks, but then again I am of the mind every hero needs love no matter what species so guess its rather wishful thinking but I guess then it wouldn't restrict my idea for the tv show I got.
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@Wolfrazer: Well, actually, reading through the wikipedia page for Krypto the Superdog, there's a character named Brainy Barker that "has a crush on Krypto." So, there's that.

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@Jotham:  Ah forgot about her, hm...but then again not sure he returned the feelings(can't really remember) but anyway i'll just continue with my idea I got. I already got a few episodes thought of, so don't really wanna erase any of the plots to try and fit other characters.

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