Krypto under appreciated?

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Anyone else feel like he is under appreciated? I mean, there isn't really a lot on him and I haven't really seen many feats, so all anyone really has to go by is that he has all the powers of Superman and thats it. It just feels as if, he is...just there! Am hoping now for the 52, that he is exposed more and given more feats and the like otherwise what would the point of bringing him back really be?

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yes and no world wide yes comic fans in general no because as you can see if comic fans had a voted between jimmy olsen or kypto. bye bye jimmy

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I love Krypto, he's my favorite member of the Super family (except for Supes himself) lol. I don't get the whole "If he doesn't show up constantly why does he exist?" thing. Nothing wrong with having a character who pops up once in a while

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What about Ace?

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@lyrafay: Ace doesn't really exist anymore. Bats has a new dog, but he isn't as cool

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