Krypto Appreciation Thread

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A thread to celebrate a loyal friend and a brave companion. Share your favorite Krypto moments, classic or modern.

Krypto good boy.
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@Kal'smahboi: Great idea, that's really an awesome character :p

Here's one of my favorite:

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@Kal'smahboi: LOL, just kidding with the previous pic (a really well done parody btw) but I finally managed to find some great scans ;p

  • Superman was K.O. and Krypto attacked Atlas to protect his master:

Then, Atlas tried to kill Krypto with some kind of deadly ray-blast but despite hitting him multiple times the dog was still standing and biting the bad guy. Atlas finally managed to get the upper hand and started beating up Krypto until Superman showed up to save his dog. Here's what happens next:

  • Krypto nearly killed Mongul to protect Lois:
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@hectorsquall: Love them :) I hadn't seen the one with Mongul. I love the parody scene, too btw.
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Krypto :)

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Much like dog is man's best friend, so to is Krypto Supeman's best friend.

He's always there for the Man of Steel; good times and bad. No matter what.

Krypto is the best super-pet ever.

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I liked when he mauled the hell out of Superboy Prime

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KRYPTO!!!!!  The new Krypto makes sense but I don't think it will ever carry the same feeling as the old one.

#9 Posted by Kal'smahboi (3840 posts) - - Show Bio
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@Kal'smahboi: lol So true. :p
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Thought this deserved a bump. I just love the little guy.

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All Superman needs is Krypto, and he won't be lonely. Bring back Krypto already!

#13 Posted by Strafe Prower (12615 posts) - - Show Bio

LOL, I never expected this to be made.

Respect earned.

#14 Edited by Wolfrazer (9787 posts) - - Show Bio
@Strafe Prower:  :O! Never?! Hes the best pet ever! 
Tbh, there should just be Supes/Krypto and that be it.
#15 Posted by lifeofvibe (3774 posts) - - Show Bio

honestly...i would like to see a movie of him as the star. yeah i know far fecthed but a boy can dream

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Just saying, as a huge dog lover?

Krypto is easily one of my top five favorites in comic history. Such an awesome and adorable character. Thought I'd throw out some appreciation.

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