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In his first movie, Krrish was shown to have superhuman strength, superhuman speed, agility and intellect. He also showed ability to copy anybody's move just by looking at them for some time. He had ability to leap to huge heights. He had superhuman reflexes, enough to let him see the trajectory of a bullet and deflecting it with a fire extinguisher. He also had some king of sixth sense.

Krrish 3

Krrish was stronger in this movie. He was easily able to support the front part of an airplane while it was landing. Though, later he had trouble lifting a truck.

Krrish lifting a building under gravity and Kaal's TK

After Rohit used his solar pen on Krrish, he became many times stronger, gained the ability to fly, and telekinesis. Krrish flew from Singapore to Mumbai in minutes. He easily overpowered Kaal's TK, which was able to crumble a building. He also became more durable as his collision with Kaal midair created shockwaves that knocked everyone off their feet and created huge cracks in roads. He didn't suffer any damage from this collision. His strength increased many folds, as now he was able to lift half a builiding mid air, which was not only under gravity, but also under Kaal's TK.

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