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Krim is a Go-Back warrior who joined the Wolfriders. She maintained a three-way relationship with Skot and Pike. Their children were Cheipar and Sust. Cheipar died in infancy but Sust survived.

Krim's lust for battle at times seems to overwhelm her survival insticts to the concern of her family and friends. She is not afraid to die and she can be found in the front lines of battle even when pregnant. This is because she was raised as a Go-Back, and believes that her spirit will continue life within the Palace of The High-Ones if she dies.

As a Wolfrider, Krim and Skot spend the most time with Pike, the lovable grower of dreamberry bushes. Together they formed a threesome and Krim conceived Sust sometime before SHARDS. The father is not confirmed, although Sust slightly resembles more Skot than Pike.

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