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Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Accuser Corps were dispatched by the Supreme Intelligence to exterminate the Universal Inhumans. This was because the Supreme Intelligence determined that the breeding program involving the Inhumans would breed a being that would destroy the Supremor.

During the Builder invasion, the Kree surrendered following orders from the Supreme Intelligence which led to one of the aliens overseeing the occupation of Hala. The ranks of the Accusers stood before the alien Builder as he commanded them to kneel before him. When the Avengers dispatched Thor to negotiate, the Builder revealed that they had no intention of ending their campaign and that their goal was the destruction of Earth. After striking Thor, the Asgardian recalled his hammer which killed the Builder and brought about the freedom of Hala. This allowed the Kree to rejoin the allied forces though the Supremor refused to do so. In response, Supreme Public Accuser Ronan struck at the Supreme Intelligence and took the Accuser Corps to wage the battle against the Builders at Kymellia III. After the defeat of the Builders, the Accusers returned to Hala and into the service of the Supreme Intelligence.

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