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Kray-Torr was a corrupt judge working in the Magus' regime in the Universal Church of Truth.  He presided over the highly unethical and slanted case against Adam Warlock, finding Warlock guilty.


After declaring his verdict, Warlock breaks out of his chains and engages Kray-Torr in conflict, wherein he blasts Kray-Torr with his soul gem, taking Kray-Torr's soul into the gem and killing him instantly.

Since his physical death, Kray-Torr had seemingly found peace as a citizen of soul world, often seen in stories taking place there as a friendly neighbor sort of character, often joking with fellow resident and Universal Church of Truth employee, Captain Autolycus.  He is present in the background as part of the welcoming committee greeting Adam Warlock when he first arrives in soul world himself
Soul World Welcoming Committee
and later he welcomes Soul World visitors Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer, though the irrational Drax proceeds to give Kray-Tor a mighty pounding until other citizens manage to calm him down.

At the end of the Infinity War, with the Magus dead and in soul world, Magus tries to recruit soul world citizens into an army.  He spots Kray-Tor and Autolycus, both former employees of his though he doesn't seem to recognize them; they are just the first people he sees.  Autolycus and Kray-Tor take no notice of Magus and walk right through him; making him realize that, as the spirit of just a partial aspect of a soul, he is not substantial enough there for the residents to ever take any notice of him whatsoever and he sinks into despair until the end of the Infinity Crusade where the Goddess winds up in soul world in the same situation and while the two are not substantial enough to be able to hit each other as they'd like to, they can at least interract.

During a battle with Count Abyss, Warlock uses Kray-Torr's essence; removing his soul from soul world and blasting it into the body of the Abyss.  The presense of a virtuous soul within him causes Abyss confusion and pain, allowing Warlock to defeat him.  Warlock apologizes in advance as he knows what this will mean, as, even while Kray-Torr gets to return to soul world after, he has been tainted and seems his nasty old self again; no longer able to enjoy the peace, tranquility and friendly neighbor tone of the place.  Kray-Tor's misery starts to spread throughout soul world to its other denizens but this subplot is never followed up on or resolved.

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