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Krakka was created by Nick Cardy and Bob Haney.

Major Story Arcs


Krakka was a large sea eagle that was given the ability to breath underwater by Dr. Starbuck. Krakka, Dr. Starbuck and his gorilla Boduhr took over Atlantis after rescuing Aquaman and Aqualad from an underwater explosion. Krakka and Boduhr led various attacks on the surface, Dr. Starbuck claiming that it was Aquababy ordering the attacks as he was acting as king while Aquaman and Aqualad were trapped in the Dungeon Depths and Mera was locked away. Eventually Aquaman escaped the Depths and disguised himself as a diver to infiltrate Atlantis. He then engaged in a fight to the death with Boduhr, that he managed to win without killing the gorilla, then used the gorilla's net to subdue Krakka. Krakka, Boduhr and Dr. Starbuck were handed over to Captain Bradley for their crimes.

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