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Victoria Zadrok was a good Christian woman who followed her husband on his travels. It all changed on his latest trip to Antarctica. Emil Zadrok was obsessed again and despite the storm, continued to press on. Victoria waited for him to return on the ship. When her husband's men returned without him and planned to leave, Victoria packed some supplies and camped where the ship used to be anchored. Waiting for several days she slowly succumbed to the cold. It was then her husband finally returned. He was a changed man now, infused with god-tech. Wanting to keep his wife alive he infused Victoria with the alien technology. It brought out the most horrid memories and wishes in her. It turned her into a monster. Emil tried to cure her from the changes she went through, but was unsuccessful. She once escaped the Cyberdata facility, killing hundreds, but was again captured. Then Victoria was renamed to Kraken and locked into submarine facility. She was now Cyberdata's doomsday machine.

One hundred years later she was again set free by Kimata, who wanted her to eliminate Emil Zadrok. She attacked several Cyberdata facilities seeking her husband but had no luck. She tackled with Cyberforce a few times, but left them alive. She wanted to end her suffering once, but human weapons did little damage to her. She teleported back to Cyberforce base and nested there for a while. Cocooned, she slept and evolved, until she again sensed her husband moving in the world. She then headed in his direction. She found her husband in Antarctica again, at the place where he was reborn. Emil repowered himself there. Kraken remembered more and more of herself and said that they were not meant to live that long. When Emil announced that he was ready for his god-hood, Kraken decided to end both of their lives, and with the flash of a light they were gone.

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