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Green Lantern

Status: Active

Space Sector: 38

Sector Partner: Raker Qarrigat

Homeworld: Apokolips

Predecessor: Unknown

Successor: Inapplicable


Pre-Alpha Lantern Kraken

Kraken is one of two Green Lanterns from the planet Apokolips, where she has seen many horrors and witnessed terrible suffering in her young life. Kraken was responsible for rescuing the long lost Green Lantern Raker Qarrigat from Darkseid's planet, many years after the Lantern had led an ill-fated strike force to liberate Apokolips. She saved Raker Qarrigat from Darkseids clutches, and by doing this she has been targeted by the Female Furies of Apokolips. As a result, the two partners developed a strong bond over their mutual desire to end Darkseid's rule.

It was this desire to liberate Apokolips that convinced Kraken to accept a position as an Alpha Lantern when the Guardians selected her for this elite Corps. Both Kraken and her partner agreed that the added power of an Alpha Lantern would certainly help them in their struggle against Darkseid's forces. Since her conversion, however, Kraken, like the other Alpha Lanterns, has appeared more hostile and distant to her fellow corpsmen.

When the New God Orion was found dead on Earth, Kraken was dispatched to lead a team of Lanterns sent to investigate the crime scene and take over the investigation from Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and earth's heroes. Kraken's authoritative manner immediately rubbed members of the Justice League the wrong way, particularly Batman, whose conclusion as to Orion's murder were quickly dismissed by the Alpha Lantern. Although Jordan tried to diffuse the tension between his superior officer and the League, Kraken was quick to find fault with Jordan, charging him with favoring Earth over the other worlds in his sector. Kraken dismissed Jordan and continued the investigation alone.

While investigating the crime scene, John Stewart discovered the apparent murder weapon buried deep in the ground. He was soon ambushed by an unknown attacker who violently pinned Stewart to a nearby wall with spikes of Green Lantern energy. Before the attacker could gouge out Stewart's eyes, the Earth Lantern defended himself with a right cross to his attackers jaw. Some time later, while Stewart struggled for his life, his partner Hal Jordan was awoken from his bed by Kraken and her team. They had come to arrest Jordan claiming that they had evidence that he was responsible for the attack on Stewart. Drained of his power, Jordan was taken into custody. Yet, despite Jordan's troubled past, Batman and the League refused to believe that he had attacked his partner.

As Earth's finest detective, it took little effort for Batman to recognize that Kraken was the mystery assailant. However, Batman failed to discover the Kraken herself was a victim; posessed by the "spirit" of one of Darkseid's minion's, Granny Goodness. The Dark Knight was captured while "Kraken" joined her fellow New Gods in their hidden lair on Earth. It is unclear how long Kraken has been posessed by Granny or if there is any vestige of her former self left within the body of the Alpha Lantern from Apokolips.

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