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Brief History

Kraggoom is first known on Earth in the 1500s. He was first encountered in the UK, in England. Kraggoom attempted to possess a human being but was captured by law-abiding members of his race. He was banished into outer space for all eternity. Drifting aimlessly, Kraggoom was forced to wait many Earth-centuries until an astronaut unsuspectingly passed by.

Unknown to the marauding alien, the astronaut he preyed upon was eccentric millionaire Derek Wolfington. The egotistical Wolfington had cheated on the entrance exams to enter the NASA space program. The smoke-like Kraggoom forced his way inside Wolfington's pressurised capsule and then entered Wolfington's mind.

Wolfington's panic caused him to have hysterical amnesia and his mind shut down. This caused Kraggoom in turn to black out. Robbed of its willpower and sentience, Kraggoom faded from corporeal existence. Due to Wolfington's amnesia no one knew of what had occurred.

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