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Omega Squad
Kolvold is a young Klingon warrior who fell in love with Pava Ek'Noor sh'Aqaba.  The two met when she was on him home world and eventually separated when she went to Starfleet Academy.  The next time the two would meet it was during a time of instability between the Klingons and the Federation. Kolold was a a small Klingon ship that attacked a Starfleet Runabout with a crew of cadets including Pava from Omega Squadron.
The battle between the two ships left both crews stranded on a planet with the Klingons being led by Murg out for blood.  Pava went into the Klingon camp while Kolvold was on watch.  The two had one last romantic encounter before she betrays Kolvold for the benefit of her crew.  The tensions continue to escalate until a friend of Pava's, Kamilah Goldstein is killed making the two lovers enemies.


Kolvold was created for comics and has not appeared in film of television episode of the Star Trek franchise.  This means he is not part of Star Trek canon.

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